Commercial Construction Group

Commercial Construction

Building Excellence
The Commercial Construction Group at McKamish is the heart of our business.  We serve customers big and small in virtually all market segments, meeting their Mechanical Contracting, Plumbing and HVAC needs.  The McKamish Commercial Construction Group has extensive resources, cutting-edge technology and a team approach to customer satisfaction. This winning combination, along with our commitment to building excellence, pleases our customers … it’s also why they trust McKamish with their mechanical contracting projects time and time again.   

Extensive Resources
Our highly skilled workforce represents three separate trade groups – sheet metal, plumbing and mechanical piping. This variety of technical expertise enables McKamish to tackle just about any commercial construction project. We often serve as a subcontractor, but we frequently serve as a prime contractor. We partner with independent engineering firms on design-build projects. Whatever role we serve on a job, we’re known for our flexibility, personal service and excellent work.  From conducting initial constructability  to installing with precision and excellence, McKamish delivers. 

Cutting-Edge Technology
In today’s challenging environment, contracting projects require more accuracy, coordination and planning to achieve total value than ever before.  Merely being “on time and on budget” is not enough.  That’s why we do everything possible to ensure accuracy and success for our customers, including making significant investments in training and technology.   

We have full, in-house Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities and facilities.  Our leadership in BIM and our state-of-the-art facilities are differentiators for McKamish, particularly when working on complicated customer challenges. The power of integrated model-based construction coordination has been proven with our clients. Our BIM Coordination Room enables technologically advanced collaboration among all contractors and trades on a given job, ultimately helping us to achieve total value for a client. 

Team Approach
Our Team approach provides the reassurance that comes from working with a company with a reputation built on integrity, reliability and excellence.  Each project is assigned a Team whose members work closely together over the life of the project to plan, coordinate and execute the job efficiently and effectively.  We assign a project manager as the primary point of contact for the customer to establish transparent and ongoing communications with the owner, architect and other contractors. The project manager works with the project team to coordinate every detail to anticipate and minimize the potential for issues and to solve any that do arise and to adapt quickly to changing on-the-job circumstances.  Before McKamish leaves your jobsite, we make sure the job has been done right.

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