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The McKamish Service Group thrives to optimize customer investment in new and existing building systems. A dedicated team of professional technicians operating a fleet of service vehicles provide McKamish Service customers with around-the-clock support. We know that timeliness is a critical factor to customer satisfaction.

McKamish’s Service Team works with customers, large and small, in virtually all industries. From financial institutions and computer rooms to pharmaceutical laboratories and assisted-living facilities, McKamish’s Service Technicians are trained to keep any heating, ventilation, air conditioning or plumbing system running reliably, efficiently and affordably.

We pride ourselves on our long-standing customer relationships and industry-leading customer satisfaction levels. In fact, in a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend McKamish.

Our customers appreciate McKamish’s quality work, but even more, we’re recognized for our professional, knowledgeable technicians. Our goal is for any technician who wears “McKamish” on his/her uniform to be well trained and well rounded, which is why we consistently invest in ongoing training programs for all of our employees.

We offer customized service programs, computerized tagging and tracking, and computer-generated service reports that enable you to streamline your maintenance budget projections. These capabilities allow us not only to efficiently perform the manufacturer-recommended preventive maintenance, at the correct intervals, but also allows for fast, efficient diagnosis and repair.

We also are pleased to introduce a new customer portal, My McKamish, that we believe will enhance the McKamish Service customers’ experience. With the click of a mouse, our customers now can interface directly with the McKamish Team.

This is one reason why owners of multi-location facilities, consistently trust the McKamish Service Team with their overall building management needs – from energy management to controls management to preventive and predictive maintenance.


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